A French Innovator Who Is No Longer Afraid

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Who am I?

My name is Adele Galey, and I co-founded Tickets for Change, the first Tour de France of social innovators, and I run Athena, an entrepreneurship and personal growth program for women in Chile.

What exactly do these ventures do?

Tickets for Change takes 50+ talented 18-30 year olds on a two-week tour of France to meet social pioneers and develop their own ideas for social change. And Athena is an 8-week entrepreneurship bootcamp in Vina del Mar to empower women to do something big by bringing them together to work and learn from each other and to be inspired by successful international women visitors.

What have you learned from your work?

I’ve learned that I don’t have anything to be afraid of, that it is my imagination that is making me afraid. I was always thinking, “I don’t do enough,” “I should have done that,” “This was a mistake,” “Maybe I shouldn’t send this 3rd email to this potential client, he’s gonna think I’m crazy,” etc. All those thoughts are keeping me, and keeping many of us, from actually acting, doing something, being in the present.

“I’ve learned that I don’t have anything to be afraid of, that it is my imagination that is making me afraid.” -Adele Galey

Anything else?

I’ve also learned to detach myself from all the lies of the finite game. The finite game is something we talk about a lot during our programs. It’s about seeing what’s right in front of you, without thinking of the big picture. It’s about working in school just to get to the best college, and then your diploma, and then your first well-paid job. The finite game is trapping us into achieving goals without thinking of the ‘WHY’? Why am I doing that? For what purpose? For what impact? Who do I want to be in this world? What kind of person?

How much does team matter in the work you do?

A lot. In my work, I’m surrounded by people who choose bravely to focus on that ‘WHY?’ and who choose to stop chasing the finite game. All my teammates are former successful students from prestigious colleges. They were consultants, employees of prestigious companies…I learned from their courage to quit their studies, quit those jobs, quit their comfortable lives and to help more people think about their ‘WHY?’ Because we all need to get on with that hard but rewarding process of discovering who we want to be. And the best thing about a good team focused on social change and personal development is that while you’re helping people discovering themselves, you’re learning just as much about yourself in the process.





Tickets for Change