about us

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We founded girltank because we believe in the power and beauty and magnificence of women and girls around the globe. We hope that your face lights up… …with laughter and recognition as you read stories of some of the incredible women and girls featured in our blog. We hope you think of these innovators and changemakers as sources of inspiration and potential supporters of your own visions, and that their stories give you ideas and next steps to bring your own ideas alive in the world. Ultimately, we hope you realize that together we are a mighty force, a majority force, capable of transforming the world – one woman at a time.

girltank manifesto


Hold these concepts to be self-evident…and you, as a female social entrepreneur and innovator, can accomplish anything…

  • Believe that you are capable and strong and that you can contribute powerfully to this planet.
  • Understand that your connections with other women make you stronger. Link hands with the women around you.
  • Infuse your work with enthusiasm and joy. In other words, lead with your heart – always.
  • Raise your voice, roll your eyes, go head-to-head with someone who disagrees with you. Being nice all the time is overrated.
  • Know that your differences make you interesting. Always strive to be your own woman.
  • Do something because you can, because it feels unbelievably good to touch the life of someone else, because ‘doing’ adds color, multidimensionality and spice to your own life.
  • Dare to dream. Your imagination is the first and most important step to creation.
  • Allow flow in your life…the flow of intuition and synchronicity …trust in the unseen and the impossible…ginormous discoveries and leaps in understanding throughout our history are made this way.

You make the decision to expand your life and make a difference on this planet. No one else decides for you. Believe us when we tell you that you are that powerful, that your choice in the matter is everything, that no matter your race, religion or socio-economic status, you can transform yourself and your community for the better.