Socially-Conscious Fashion By VOZ: Showcasing Female Mapuche Weavers from Chile

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Wearing garments cut from the cloth of social change has bred a different class of fashionistas—one that girltanker Jasmine E. Aarons, CEO and Design Director of VOZ (or voice in Spanish), hopes will only grow in the coming years.

Her multifaceted team of designers and artisans comprised of Mapuche weavers is as original as the materials they work with: ethically sourced wool, alpaca, silk and llama that are naturally dyed with local fauna. The women: indigenous artisans from southern Chile who are trying to earn living wages by practicing their ancestral art forms. The wears: scarves, dresses, ponchos, purses, skirts and more that both represent rich ethnic culture and appeal to mainstream boutiques worldwide. Through visibility at events like New York Fashion Week, which draws approximately 100,000 attendees, retailers in Canada, Japan, Chile, France and the United States, and online sales, VOZ is empowering women and their communities financially, creatively and professionally.

Enter the Gallery below to see some of the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection by VOZ, to meet the amazing weavers and to check out some behind the scenes images.


Check out the Runway Show

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Meet the Weavers

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Go Behind the Scenes

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  • In action

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