The “F” Word: Epic Failures

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Fail big, or go home! Your mistakes are nothing compared to these six epic failures. So give yourself a break.   RJ Reynolds Smokeless cigarettes, designed to look and feel like premium cigarettes, cost cigarette manufacturer RJ Reynolds close to $1 billion to launch and crash. The public just wasn’t interested. Enron, once valued at $90 billion and the seventh largest company in the U.S., went bankrupt because of out-of-control greed, taking away jobs and savings and cementing a new wave of public suspicion about commonplace corruption in big business. The Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in the Ukraine, which cost $358 billion in cleanup, 30 lives and the value of lost farmland, happened all because of faulty equipment. Can you imagine those engineers on the day after?   Pepsi A.M.—a soft drink to be consumed for breakfast. Probably not much more needs to be said.   Apple’s Newton, which cost $100 million, was the first attempt by Apple at a personal digital assistant. But ultimately, it was too large to tuck into a pocket, yet not as big as a tablet. They discontinued the device after five years. One of girltank’s founders owned a Newton. We won’t say which one.