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Ashoka Parenting Changemakers

Ashoka’s Start Empathy and Parenting Changemakers

Vipin Thekkekalathil, founder of Parenting Changemakers

Ashoka has been coming out swinging for educational changes lately. Its Start Empathy initiative aims to build a future in which every child masters the ability to understand the feelings and perspectives of others, making empathy a core 21st-century skill, like reading and mathematics. But to raise kids who have empathy and want to change the world, you need supportive parents. So Ashoka’s Parenting Changemakers initiative complements the work on empathy by creating parenting circles around the U.S. to provide a home support base for kid changemakers.

“To best support children to thrive in a world where change is the only constant, children must master being changemakers,” says Vipin. “In Parenting Changemakers, parents support each other in the journey of parenting, and they work together to evolve and model new parenting practices to help their kids become adept at empathy, teamwork, problem solving and leadership.”