What Is girltank?

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Connections flowing, rippling, dancing across borders.

Me. Us. We. All co-mingling in a tapestry of good will, powerful energy and transformative ideas.

It started with a solo journey across two oceans, 12 seas and three major land masses.

It ended with tethers that now stretch invisibly through the ether and bind together an amazing group of female changemakers and innovators from over 100 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Why it all began…

Consider that women and girls have often been dismissed as useless or valueless throughout history, forced to stuff their great big selves into tiny boxes that constrain, isolate and hurt.

I wanted to do something to celebrate women, to inspire them to dream outrageously, to remind them who they really are and what they are truly capable of. You see, I have this vision of strong, sassy, courageous women from everywhere rising up and standing powerfully inside their full and true selves. I see these women linked together across religions, races, languages, war-torn borders. I imagine each one sending a ray of positive energy into their communities, pulling up those around them, being examples of how to access and channel the feminine within.

So I spent 10 months traveling around the world from September 2009 – June 2010 and again from October 2012 to December 2012, searching for beautifully-souled women, women whose stories inspired, whose lives shone as testaments to the possibility of female power. I wanted to show the world that women are strong and powerful and already affecting change in every region of the world . .  that those places and people who cast off women and girls as unworthy discount a force that might be the most obvious key to shifting our world’s problems.

And I found them, amazing women-girl spitfires,  who are ushering in a new idea about how to be and live in this world, their hearts full and compassionate. These women-girl actionistas  are twisting themselves inside and out, peeling off layers of conformity, of duty, of the need to please others, and they are discovering and owning the sparkly, wondrous, self-loving parts of themselves.

And I am inspired.

We are not powerless as women, even though sometimes, as we grow older, our steps become more timid and cautious. When we’ve got mortgages, kids, health issues or job security to worry about, when our self-esteem is linked to corner offices or senior titles, when we’ve gone broke and seen our dreams crash with force against rocks we didn’t even know were there, suddenly we may find ourselves hedging our bets.

But maybe it is not difficult to return to a state of innocence, to once again be free enough to take a flying leap into new territory, to rediscover that bold spirit and passion within and to create the world of our dreams.

Maybe female social entrepreneurs (FSEs), or girltankers as we call them, can help point the way back to our true unfettered, beautiful and powerful selves. Maybe they can remind us that we are love and most significantly, that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

At least that’s what these women do for me.

What I hope you take away, that is, if you feel like carrying anything…

I hope you are moved to reach out your hand and take hold of the thread offered to you and that you become a part of the girltank network.

I hope that your face lights up with laughter and recognition as you read a few stories of these incredible women.

I hope you think of these women as points of inspiration, potential supporters of your own visions, and that their stories give you next steps to build and stitch together your own ideas into something that can be realized in the world.

I hope you realize that together we are a mighty force, a majority force, capable of transforming the world – one woman at a time.

With Love Always,


Co-Founder & Executive Director