Notes from Our 10,000 Names in 100 Days Campaign

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We partnered with MTV Voices for our 10,000 Names in 100 Days campaign from February – May 2012 and featured some of the most amazing nominees from the campaign on their blog each week.

We also randomly rewarded a few nominators for taking the time out to nominate and alerting us to amazing women around the world. Our winners were:

  • Jen O’Neal from San Francisco, California, co-founder of Tripping, a travel site that offers scholarships to students who can’t afford to travel, and Jeff Manheimer, who works with her.
  • Amalia Garzon from Bogota, Colombia, who works with Dance4Peace, which fuses physical and arts education to promote global peace.
  • Susan Pavlin from Atlanta, Georgia, who founded Global Growers, an org that helps local farmers get their produce into commercial kitchens and offers support to community farms.
  • Saba Gul, the Founder and Executive Director of Bliss in Pakistan, which offers education to girls who would normally have to give up school in order to work.

And here are some of the brilliant ads from our campaign, giving people the best reasons ever to nominate changemakers in their lives:


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