Faiza Hajji: Jumpstarting a Green Economy in Morocco

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ADF souhaite transformer le quartier des sacs plastiques de Berkane (lien : http://www.adf-global.org/2013/06/5-000e-pour-quadf-transforme-le-quartier-des-sacs-plastiques-en-un-quartier-de-reve/ ) Pour toute question ou complément, n’hésitez pas à me contacter directement à contact@adf-global.org, ou sur la page facebook de l’association: https://www.facebook.com/IFASSEN.

Merci pour votre soutien, Faiza Hajji.

“Don’t tell me one single woman can’t change the world. If I had thought so, nothing would, indeed, have changed.” – Faiza Hajji

Those are the words of Faiza Hajji, the driving force behind IFASSEN (an ethical fashion brand that turns discarded plastic bags into accessories made by impoverished Moroccan women). Faiza launched IFASSEN in 2008 to bring sustainable development to Berkane, Morocco while fostering women’s empowerment.Today, more than 60 rural women receive a regular income thanks to her program, more than 1,000 children have been sensitized about environmental protection and more than 25,000 plastic bags have been collected and reused.

For Faiza, this is just the beginning. What’s next for IFASSEN has never been done before in Morocco! She plans to transform an impoverished community  called Douar el Mika – the “neighborhood of plastic bags” – into the site of an innovative mega-center dedicated to spurring a local green economy. The project is called “Dar al Amal,” which means House of Hope in Arabic and is slated to become  a beacon of hope in an area where many people feel their options are limited.


Vieil homme à Douar el Mika


“Douar el Mika is one of the poorest areas in Berkane,” explains Faiza. “Full of young people feeling angry about being born in a place that left them so little choice about their future. They have this special energy that makes for great change-makers. We simply need to give them a chance.”


Faiza Hajji: Jumpstarting a Green Economy in Morocco